vendor FAQ

Vendor FAQ

-What days and times is the Spring Stitch Market? This Spring we are doing 3 days again, but extending Fridays hours to be all day!  Mark your calendars for:

Thursday April 24th 4 pm - 9 pm

Friday April 25th 10 am - 9 pm
Saturday April 26th 10 am - 3 pm

- How much is the booth fee?  The booth fee is $85, payable via paypal to  There will be the option for a few vendors to purchase 2 booths if they need more space.

- Is there an application fee?  Yes.  A nonrefundable application fee of $10 is required before the application deadline if you want to be considered for the market.  This $10 will go towards your booth fee if you are accepted.  Payable via paypal to

-  Once I am accepted and pay for my booth, can I have a refund in case I can't make it?  No, sorry.  Once we have recieved your booth fees, we won't have time to fill your space if you decide you can't join us.

- How big is a booth?  Each booth is 4’ x 6’.

- Do I need to provide my own table?  You are welcome to bring your own table or you can rent a 6’ table from us for $5.  Feel free to try various table sizes or shelves, as long as you stay within the 4’ x 6’ space!

- Can I hang anything on the walls?  Nope, sorry.  You can certainly lean something against the walls if your booth is located against one, but we can’t guarantee that.

- Do I get to choose where my booth is?  Nope, sorry.  

-  If I was a vendor in your past markets, am I automatically accepted into this show?  No.  We rejury every show.

- How do I let friends and family know about this event?  We will provide you with beautifully designed fliers for you to hand out to friends, family, co-workers, leave at a coffee shop, post on message boards…  beyond that we highly encourage all forms of social media to spread the word: facebook, blog, tweet, email...

- How do you know if we are helping to spread the word? We are asking you to copy us on all publicity emails you send out as well as tagging The Stitch Market on any facebook or twitter posts. 

- When will we get the fliers?  We hope to have them available by early April and will let you know as soon as we have them in our hands!

- Where do you suggest we take the fliers to?  Be creative!  Beyond just handing them out, leave them at your dr.’s office, nail salon, coffee shop, preschool, fabric store, dance studio, gym… let’s cover everywhere!

- Do we handle our own transactions, or is it centralized checkout?  We’re doing centralized checkout again because it was so successful in the past!  This also gives the vendors freedom to leave if they need to and not be “handcuffed” to their booths.

- What is centralized checkout?  Centralized checkout is where the customers get a bag when they walk in the market and fill it up as they walk booth to booth, not needing to pay each individual vendor, but have only one payment to make at our centralized checkout.  At the checkout we will keep track of all the sales by each individual vendor.  The customers love only having to pay once!

- What forms of payment will you accept?  We will accept cash, checks and most major credit cards.

- Does the Stitch Market take a percentage of my sales?  Yes.  We will be taking 3% of your sales to cover credit card processing fees.

-  Where do we unload/load?  Because our new location is in downtown SLO, we just have street parking available.  Thankfully we have lots of metered spaces right out front of the market opening, as well as a parking lot right across the street, the parking garage a block away and free parking in the neighborhoods nearby.