vendor agreement


Booth fees pay for 3 days of boutique:

Thursday April 24th 4 pm -9 pm
Friday April 25th 10 am -9 pm
Saturday April 26th 10 am to 3 pm. 

Vendor applications are due by March 6th 2014.  Vendor applications will not be considered without the $10 application fee (payable via paypal  This application fee goes towards your booth fee if you are accepted.  Application fees are non refundable.  We will notify accepted vendors by March 12th 2014.

$85 booth fee is due by March 17th, 2014 to secure your spot.  Payments are due via paypal to  Booth fees are non refundable.

The booth size is 6' x 4'.  There will be a handful of double size booths available on a first come first serve basis.  We will assign booth locations.

You must bring your own table and display items. We highly encourage you to put effort into your booth displays. If you would like to rent a table, one can be provided for you for just $5. (include this amount when paying for booth)

This is a juried craft show.  Participation in previous events does not guarantee acceptance to this event.

Once again, we will be offering our customers centralized check-out:

-       All items must be priced and marked with vendor id letter (to be provided)
-       All purchases will be made at one central checkout
-       We will be accepting cash, checks and most major credit cards.
-       All vendors will receive a check in the amount of sales they made as soon as credit card payments and checks have cleared.
-       All vendors are required to submit a w-9 form unless we already have an accurate one from you on file.
-       The Stitch Market will be charging customers tax, and will be giving you a 1099 if your total sales are over $600 in the year from any stitch market events.
-       Vendors do not need to be present during the show.  However, they are welcome to stay.
-   All vendors will be charged a 3% credit card processing fee from their total sales.

There will not be space beyond the 4’ x 6’ booth space, so vendors can incorporate seating into that space if they choose.  Vendors may not have a chair outside of their booth space.  Most vendors decide to mingle if they stay at the event.

All vendors will be required to bring a snack or drink for our customers to enjoy one day of the event.  Snack sign up sheet to come at a later date. (sorry, no alcoholic beverages allowed at the church)

All vendors will be required to perform a simple One Hour Security shift and Greeter shift during the event. (schedule to be provided)

Vendors may begin setting up at 1 pm on Thursday and  must be set up before beginning of show, by 3:30.
Vendors may not break down set up until the end of show, 3 pm on Saturday.

All vendors are required to help publicize this event.  We will provide you with fliers to physically hand out as well as a pdf to use for online advertising.  We ask you to copy us on all email and blog promoting you do for the show, and to tag us on any facebook, twitter, or instagram posts.